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Inventor Peter Brawn


My father Peter fished from the mouth of the Spurwink River (Zone G/F Boundary) for over 40 years. He invented the Bait Safe in 2015 because he wanted to use less bait.  It worked so well we started setting up a business in early 2017. When my father died unexpectedly in June 2017, I was devastated. But now I want to pick up where we left off - I want to turn his great idea into a sustainable business because let's face it, this bait situation is crazy! My father used a lot less bait with The Bait Safe, and at today's prices the average full time fisherman can outfit all 800 traps for the cost of 2 weeks bait. Take advantage of our special intro discount for even greater savings!

Dedication to Industry


I've worked in Maine fisheries for over 30 years now, from sterning for my father to selling seafood and commercial fishing gear and commercial fishing equipment, working at DMR, conducting research on shrimp boats or most recently, working to get Maine scallop fishermen the price they deserve.  Now I want to help Maine lobstermen save money with The Bait Safe.  So let's do it!

A smart design


The Bait Safe can be used with or without a bait bag, but using a bait bag makes it easier to remove old bait. Hog ring it in the kitchen or the parlor, or even both - put racks in the kitchen and hide in the parlor. There are lots of ways to use it, and I want to hear how YOU use it. So I'm offering an introductory discount - regular cost is $4.50 but all orders of 100 or more will pay only $3.75 per Bait Safe (your choice of size). Take advantage of this special order now.

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The Bait Safe

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